Windows 8 Tablets On The Way

An aplenty of Windows 8 tablets are to be released in the fall of 2012, running on chips from several manufacturers. consumers will likely be able to purchase these tablets in November. It will be capable of running on the traditional x86 processor and the ARM-based designs, which are very common in tablets. Intel plans on releasing two Atom design chips for the tablets: the single core “Medfield” and the dual core “Clover Trail.” The advantage with these two chips is that   they will be capable or running the original Windows 8 version because of their x86 architecture. Tablets with an ARM architecture will have to run Windows RT which is not backwards compatible with Windows 7 applications. Additionally, third-party browsers may have some trouble functioning on Windows RT.  Many of the Clover Trail Tablets will be capable of doubling as laptops, which is known as a hybrid design. Also, Intel will be releasing the “Bay Trail” which is a 22 nanometer version of the 32 nanometer “Clover Trail” that is capable of connecting to 3g and 4g and Intel Graphics.

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