Windows 8 Release Preview Is Now Available

Today, Microsoft has finally announced that the Windows 8 Release Preview is available. Additional, it is now available in 14 languages. In the first 24 hours of its release, there have been over a million downloads. If this trend of popularity continues, Windows 8 may be a success after all. The release preview feature many new apps including: Bing Travel, News and Sports apps, and Gaming and Music Xbox Apps. Some of the key features of this Windows 8 release are a new Internet browser, more customization options for the start screen, better browsing through the Windows store, and some family safety features. In addition Windows 8 offers improved multimonitor support and a better touch screen experience in Internet Explorer 8. Overall, Windows 8 appears to a more tablet and phone oriented operating system rather than a full featured laptop or desktop one. Windows 7 will likely remain the mainstream desktop and laptop operating system, while Windows 8 will give Microsoft their vital share of the mobile devices market.

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