Logitech G400 Gaming Mouse Review

The Logitech G400 is a great mouse that can be used for casual usage or some gaming. The mouse has 5 programmable buttons than can prove quite useful in gaming among other applications.

Furthermore, it has the option to adjust DPI in game which can be important in first person shooter games for switching between walking around and sniping. There are 4 preset DPIs but that can easily be changed to more or less depending on user preferences. It features a 3600 DPI high precision optical sensor which can track on most surfaces except for glass.

The best way to program mouse keys and add or adjust DPI settings is to use the Logitech Gaming Software available for download from the Logitech website. The software is very easy to use and navigate. Additionally, the mouse has a programmable button below the decrease DPI button.

On the mouse, there are 3 feet that provide a 150 mile lifespan. Also, the mouse is rated for up to 10 million clicks which allows for a long mouse lifespan.

On the other hand, the scroll wheel feels cheap at first, but gets worn in after about a week of use. The mouse is corded and is made exclusively for a right handed user as the thumb indent is only on one side. All in all, I would give the mouse a 9/10 with the point being taken off due to the mouse not being laser.

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