Asus Makes the First Thunderbolt-Ready Motherboard Other Than Apple

Asus is releasing the P8Z77-V Premium. What the name means that the chipset is the newer Z77, for LGA-1155. Ivy Bridge is using LGA-1155, so it is ready for upgrading The rest of it just specifies which version it is, premium, and is in the form factor ATX. That form factor letter is just V means ATX, M means mATX I means mITX.

The biggest advertised feature of this motherboard is that it will support Thunderbolt for Windows. So far, only Apple devices have had Thunderbolt.

Thunderbolt boasts speeds of up to 10Gbps (Gigabits per second) or about 1.25 GBps(Gigabytes per second). This means that you can transfer files at very high speeds. To put this into context, Windows 7 takes up 20 GB, so you could -given a very fast drive- transfer that in just 16 seconds. Normally this would take 20-60 minutes.

Thunderbolt also allows for ‘Daisy Chaining’ devices so you only need one port to connect to the thunderbolt devices. This can be quite a bit more efficient if space on the motherboard is smaller.

In addition to that, it has built in WiFi, which means that you won’t need any WiFi Dongles or add-in PCIE cards if you don’t have ethernet access.

Additionally, it includes a 32GB caching SSD built in, so it won’t take an extra drive bay, but the performance of frequently used files/applications will go up. This is more convenient than having another SSD to cache.

The P8Z77-V Premium is full of cool features sure to make it quite popular (at least on paper).

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