Windows 8 Brings Secure Boot

Microsoft said that any computer branded as ‘Windows 8 Compatible’ must have a function called Secure Boot so that the computer would not boot off of some unauthorized OS, potentially preventing damage to computers. However, this could potentially be used to block Linux, Windows’ main competitor, which would be a very scary idea, even if you don’t have any other operating systems than Windows; that would just block the freedom of OS installation and usage.

Linux is one of the big reasons that Microsoft isn’t making Windows over $1000, though it isn’t priced optimally right now. Imagine if Linux were no more a problem. Then Microsoft will have a complete monopoly over non-Virtual Machine computers from any company other than Apple.

But let’s hope that Microsoft keeps it at a Secure Boot and doesn’t restrict from booting  the OS of one’s choice. Linux is a nice and free OS that is great for open source tools, like Gnu Compiler Collection  (GCC). GCC, however, is only ported to Windows, not originally written for Windows, is a little behind the Linux release schedule, doesn’t have all the features, and might not be able to be ported to Windows if it becomes so hard to use Linux. These provide a nice alternative from Microsoft’s overly pricey Visual Studio, except for the express version.

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