FM2 Motherboards Announced From Biostar

Biostar has announced some motherboards sporting the newest FM2 socket for the Trinity APUs(desktop version) that haven’t even come out yet or been officially announced by AMD. The chipsets are A85, which is the new chipset for the Trinity line. These motherboards are called the Hi-Fi line. Some of the motherboards have capacitors that make the motherboards discharge proof of up to 15,000V. This means that it is quite safe even if you accidentally don’t ground yourself – it’s still a good measure to do so – although that may not protect other parts of the computer.

All the motherboards offer up to 32 GB of RAM with speeds up to 2400Mhz – more than the previous generation of APUs could support before overclocking – so it memory performance could do better off even with the worse memory controller on the newer APU, if the mobile version is anything to judge by.

Most of the features are quite standard: gigabit ethernet, several PCI-E x16 ports, though they do sport 4 USB 3.0 ports and fancy Hi-Fi audio. All feature DVI, D-Sub, and HDMI; some select motherboards have a mini Display.

(Note: the author is less familiar with Biostar when compared to Asus, so the name disections are not present)

The names are the A85X, A85W, and A85S. The first listed is the high end one; the last one listed is the low end one, and the one in the middle is mainstreamish.

Over all, the motherboards look quite solid for the next generation and are very welcoming with people inexperienced with grounding themselves (or just forgetful) and allows for a lack of a discrete GPU.

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