SlimCleaner PC Utility Review and Overview

In a nutshell, SlimCleaner is an excellent all-in-one PC utility software. One of the great technologies that the program utilizes is the cloud. In order to determine what is safe or useful or necessary, SlimCleaner checks with the cloud, resulting in more accurate choices. It consists of a “cleaner” tab that, obviously, cleans files that it classifies as either malicious or just futile. On the same note, it also allows the user to view which files the software has selected to be deleted. The interface allows for certain categories to be unchecked if the user has noticed that the files checked are important and should not to be deleted. The program does a great job scanning and cleaning various areas and briskly at that. The main subtopics are: Windows, Applications, Browsers, and Registry. Those four section will be adequate for the average user, while the more experienced may take advantage of the “Advanced” tab. Even though there is an auto clean option, it is highly recommended to use the “analyze” button and check over the files that the software has selected for deletion.

The “optimize” tab essentially allows the user to prevent programs from starting up as Windows initiates or terminate running services, while also making it extremely easy to decide with their innovative cloud approach. The software accomplishes this by listing the programs with a community rating. All the programs listed as “good” as well as “optional” can be kept as they signify no threat but can improve the user experience; the “good” programs are often necessary for regular function.

The “software” tab is very similar to the “optimize” tab in terms of the rating scale. However, programs deleted in this menu uninstall permanently. Matching the look of the “optimize” menu, this tab contains two performance gauges: RAM and CPU shown in the form of a speed clock in a car with a given percent.

The “browser” section allows for the management of the tool bars installed across various internet browsers. Along with the ongoing “cloud” theme, this area also offers a rating that is identical to the ones in the other areas.

The “disk tools” tab gives several similar utilities that give a general summary of how much space different files take up and options for deleting or permanently deleting files. Mostly, this section is for gaining a good perspective on disk space usage.

Finally, this utility offers a list of pre-installed Windows applications with neat icons bound to them. It is nice to have one place for all of the system tools and this section certainly provides it.


In general, in is a great free utility that is just missing a dedicated defrag utility.

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