Toshiba Satellite 845W Laptop

Toshiba will release the Toshiba Satellite 845W this Summer. What makes it so special? It’s wide. Really wide. The screen resolution is 1792×768 (compared to 1366×768 or 1600×900). This is very wide, in fact the aspect ratio is 2.35:1, the same as in movie theaters.

Evidently Toshiba intends for this to display HD movies as they were in theaters without needing to see black lines on either side. Oddly enough, it doesn’t contain a DVD reader, so anything would have to be on the hard drive or in an external device. This doesn’t seem to be the most optimized ever.

Another advantage is if you enjoy multitasking with a single screen, as this would make it easier to spread things across the screen.

Toshiba claims that it fits well in an airplane seat tray (domestic or international?). If it does, that could be quite convenient for someone looking to watch a movie in HD on a plane.

Here are the specs:

An Ivy Bridge Core-i Series processor

500GB HDD + 32 SSD / 256 GB SSD

Up to 8 GB RAM

3 USB 3.0 ports

Ethernet port

SD card reader

HDMI (if the 14.4″ screen isn’t large enough)

3.5 lbs

This overall is a decent laptop; it isn’t some netbook with a large screen. However, no GPU has been mentioned, so it is rather safe to assume that it is the Intel 4000. It is also relatively light and portable. This is a fine laptop with a wide screen.

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