You forgot something, Apple

Recently, I tried to use a Bluetooth speaker with a 3rd generation iPod Touch on the newest firmware from Apple(5.1.1).

For some reason, the Bluetooth option was mysteriously, ABSOLUTELY GONE.

Is this a nudge to buy new things from them? Or did an employee just select that option and *accidentally* press delete while editing it? Or does Apple rewrite their firmware each time and forget to put it in this time?

It is a pretty critical mistake, not quite as bad as -though not unlike- making a netbook and forgetting to put WiFi on it.

Apple a few products through Bluetooth, so it is a little weird why the Bluetooth would not appear anymore. It’s been a while since Apple has updated the firmware, so they might fix it soon.

By the way, we will probably get closer to a normal schedule when everyone is able to write posts.

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