Bluestacks Beta (Android on Windows or Mac) Review

The best free Android app emulator up to date, Bluestacks, allows for the usage of the large majority of android applications on a Windows or Macintosh PC. From the download and installation to the menu and controls, Bluestacks is very intuitive. Additionally, Bluestacks comes preloaded with various useful apps and games including  two app stores, Twitter, Facebook, and Angry Birds. There are no complicated settings or confusing user interfaces. The home screen essentially lists all installed apps and a search box which allows the user to search for and download apps on android app stores. Whenever keyboard input during an app is necessary, Bluestacks by default opens a virtual keyboard. However, one can also type using their physical keyboard. On the right side of the widescreen window-while viewing the home screen or using an app-a list of apps related to the app that is either open or was most recently opened is displayed. From that sidebar, those apps can  be downloaded with one click. Bluestacks also features a slim top bar which displays time and notifications while the user is viewing the home page. Those apps will then immediately be available on the main screen (home page).

At any given point, there is a bottom bar with 5 buttons: back, show menu (game menu), Bluestacks (return to home page), share snapshot, and settings. The share snapshot option allows a user to share take a screenshot and share it using Evernote, Facebook, KakaoTalk, or Twitter. Bluestacks provides a menu which features a convenient list of settings upon the clicking of the settings button (as the name implies). It allows for Android Phone to PC syncing, language selection, keyboard settings (including which keyboard the user prefers to use), account management, app management (deletion),  and app size customization. Essentially, if one is looking for a way to play some Android exclusive games on their Windows PC or Macintosh, the best way to accomplish that is through Bluestacks.

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