Kindle Fire HD vs Nexus 7


At the moment, the two best tablets under $200 are the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD . In order to give consumers a chance to decide on what is best for them, a table below has been provided comparing the functions of both tablets.

Evidently, the two devices share similar hardware with the Kindle Fire HD ($200 version) possessing more internal storage, better Wi-Fi connectivity, a micro HDMI port, and slightly better battery life. However, Google Nexus 7 features a better CPU, less weight, NFC (Near Field Communications), a GPS receiver, and a more versatile OS (Operating System). On the topic of software limitations, each tablet has its own media store. The Kindle Fire HD can access the Amazon media store which is geared towards movies, music, and eBooks. Also, it can stream movies through Amazon Prime. However, Nexus 7 can access the Google Play store which features mostly apps but is beginning to integrate movies, eBooks, and music as well. With that being said, Kindle Fire HD is a tablet aimed at the multimedia consumer, whereas Nexus 7 is aimed at the app, game, and a little bit of everything user. In general, however, Nexus 7 is the better tablet due to its greater software versatility and a clearly superior CPU.

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