Apple’s New iMac’s iDentity Crisis

The new iMac from Apple is slim, sleek, and futuristic. What’s not to like about it? Everything. Hence the title, its identity crisis. While the iMac strives to be a desktop computer ranging from a 21″ for casual users to a 27″ for professional users, it doesn’t fit the bill. Inside of its slim new form factor, it does everything a laptop is supposed to do. Be portable, light, power saving. Why would Apple do that? Are you really going to be buying an iMac to take it with you on your family vacation to Florida? No, you would use a laptop. Apple even puts in a mobile graphics card. The video editor who wants a stationary workhorse that isn’t outdated as the Mac Pro, should be able to turn to a 27″ iMac and fall in love. If you want a desktop you shouldn’t care too much about it’s size. Even the current iMac’s size is considered slim and small enough. Why not throw in a powerful desktop graphics card? A HD7870 or maybe an nVidia GTX660. That would give power users the performance they are looking for in an all in one package.

11 thoughts on “Apple’s New iMac’s iDentity Crisis

  1. I agree, but it’s a game Apple plays. As a video shooter and editor the iMac was an excellent choice. Nice screen, fairly powerful and the right price. I think this really hurt sales on the Mac Pro, which is expensive and you don’t get a monitor. I think this “lackluster,” upgrade was to pull the iMac away form the “pro” user and more for regular/hobby people. They want us to buy the more expensive pro and prevent eliminating their own product with another.

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