The reality of AMD vs Intel CPUs For Gaming


Evidently, Intel does have an advantage when it comes to CPU performance in games. However, most games are significantly more taxing on GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) than on CPUs Central Processing Units). Therefore, a better option for gamers may be to simply buy a cheaper AMD CPU and a higher end GPU. Most, if not all, games can only utilize up to 4 cores/threads, hence an AMD quad or hexacore CPU with the Piledriver micro architecture may be a better option than the more expensive i5 and i7 Intel CPUs.

On the GPU side, the more expensive and high end the GPU the better. A gamer who purchases an i5 for $220 may only have enough money left in his budget to purchase GTX 650 Ti from NVIDIA or an HD 7770 from AMD whereas a gamer with a similar budget who chose an AMD FX 6300 six core for $140 would possess $80 more than his Intel purchasing counterpart. That additional $80 can quite easily amount to a much better GPU-namely a GTX 660 from Nvidia or an HD 7870 from AMD. Those two cards Bulldoze the performance of a GTX 650 Ti or an HD 7770.

Differences in CPU power past or at the 4 core threshold usually amount to little (5 fps) or no perceptible difference (about 60 FPS is considered imperceptible). Once a games FPS (frames per second) drops to under 60 FPS, the GPU proves to be a bottleneck and not the CPU. All in all, AMD CPUs are clearly the way to go for any budget-bound gamer.

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