Google’s 2013 Upcoming Mobile Lineup

Purportedly, Google will unveil its Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.7 devices at their I/O 2013 conference in may. Prices of both devices are unknown but speculation suggests that the Nexus 5 will be priced similarly to the notoriously sold out Nexus 4 which retails at $299 for the 8GB version and $349 for the 16GB model. The Nexus 7.7 is said to posses a starting price of $299, up from the current Nexus 7’s $199. This increase in starting price is largely warranted as the new device will pack a Tegra 4 CPU/GPU in addition to a 7.7 inch screen boasting an impressive resolution of 1920×1200, HD front and rear cameras, 2GB of RAM (up from 1GB on Nexus 7), and the same storage options (8GB/16GB).

The alleged Nexus 5 follows a similar trend in terms of hardware revisions. Its screen will be boosted to 5 inches along with a resolution of 1920×1200, a 13MP rear camera, 3Mp front camera, and Tegra 4 CPU/GPU. RAM will not be increased from the current 2GB on the Nexus 4. All these hardware upgrades should consequently add to the excellent value of Google’s lineup. Hopefully, Google will be able to keep these two new devices in stock as demand is likely to be at least as high as it is for the Nexus 4 which has been out of stock on the Google play store for over a month.

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