Microsoft Blames OEMs for Sluggish Windows 8 sales

Microsoft’s Windows 8 has had 60 million licenses sold since October 26, 2012, which was 3 months ago now. This brought in nearly 6 billion USD, however, Microsoft is not satisfied. Granted, it is less popular than Windows 7 was 3 months after its own release, but Windows 8 is doing pretty well despite many initial doubts.

Windows 8 is radically different from nearly any popular OS so far (and different from all that I can think of) – and removes perhaps Vista’s only upside: transparent taskbars in Aero. Not only has Microsoft thrown transparent taskbars out the window (no pun intended) with no option to put it back, but they have replaced the familiar windows start bar with their now-signature home screen. Generally, Windows 7 is accepted to be a great OS, and there is no apparent reason to ‘upgrade’ to another OS which removes familiar features – a loss of time, unless you’re looking for something new. Windows 7 also came after the infamously sluggish Vista, so Windows 8 has none of that upside of timing bringing as many customers.

Given all that, Microsoft really shouldn’t be surprised that their sales are not what they expected, but say that OEMs did not adhere to recommended hardware, such as including a touchscreen (fingerprint storage devices).
Windows 8 does have some merits that I’m sure helped its sales (which were decent). Microsoft was really pushing for a unified experience across devices, which is so much more convenient for a user who uses multiple systems. Also, Windows 8 reportedly brings performance boosts and shorter boot times – the bane of many current computers.
Windows 8 sales will probably pick up when more people start to need devices or get more familiar with Windows 8.

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