Microsoft Surface Pro Details

00d830c0-673f-45f9-8d54-46975d83b2faMicrosoft’s more full-featured tablet, the Surface Pro, is scheduled for a Feburary 9 release date. While it is no secret that Microsoft has been working on its Pro addition to the Surface lineup, its release date was ambiguous. The tablet will come in two varieties: a 64GB model for $899, and a 128GB model for $999. Both models harness 10.6 inch screens with resolutions of 1080 by 1920. Additionally, Surface Pro utilized an Intel Core i5 processor as well as 4GB of RAM and up to 64 GB of removable storage through a high capacity micro SD card slot. As far as cameras go, Surface Pro boasts front and rear facing cameras both capable of 720p video recording. Neither model includes a Touch Cover keyboard which is essential to fully utilize the Surface Pro. Touch Covers can be purchased for $119. Unlike the Surface RT, Microsoft Surface Pro runs Windows 8 x86 which support all Windows application, thus rendering the Surface Pro an excellent, fully-features Windows machine. All in all, Surface Pro will make an excellent tablet for those seeking a full Windows experience.

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