Microsoft Surface Pro Sold Out

fd732655-e260-4059-b05c-a40093696060Within a day of its release, Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet is sold out. This could signify several occurances: a. Microsoft manufactured a small batch due to uncertain sales projections, b. Microsoft’s Surface Pro was extremely popular, and the most likely of all c. a combination of a and b.

Surface Pro should prove a viable and potent competitor to Apple’s iPad lineup as well as a multitude of Android tablets. Microsoft’s newest tablet indubitably serves as a better productivity machine than any Android or Apple tablet as it provides support to most, if not all, Windows application. That enables a user to accomplish many tasks they would usually need a laptop or desktop for to be done a tablet. This provides the advantage of portability as well as versatility. Once the work is done, a user can choose from Microsoft’s growing selection of recreational applications. Essentially, Microsoft Surface Pro not only provides excellent productivity options, but also comes with all the perks of a tablet.

Overall, Microsoft has seemingly succeeded with its newest concoction. If the public sees the Surface Pro as popular, maybe they too will catch on. The tablet will certainly become more intriguing with the addition of Microsoft’s newest tablet.

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