Steam for Linux!

For a while now, Valve has been developing a client on Linux and porting games to it. They had run a beta program, where a few people got to test it out. But now, it is open to all, with more games than ever!

Valve truly wants to celebrate this accomplishment – no mean feat – by putting Linux game titles on huge sales (50%-75%). Valve also can  gain Linux users. It really is a great move, since now they will not lose customers who move over to Linux. It is also good for the Linux community, since some people hold back from Linux because it has inferior support for games.

True, not all games on Steam are also for Linux, but it is definitely a large step from needing to emulate windows through Linux or sticking to the smaller library of games available for Linux (mostly open source with inferior graphics). Also, the Steam platform will probably come to just the most popular distributions of Linux, since there are so many different versions.

This makes several programs for Linux to run Windows games a little less useful, though there are still some popular titles not owned by Valve (so those programs will still be there).

I think that Valve ‘s grand opening for Linux may change how the general public views Linux (very possibly not, though – but the Steam community is probably larger than the Linux community). It definitely puts more pressure on Windows (and to a certain extent, Mac) to perform well and not price gouge (mostly Windows, which has raised in price drastically). And Happy Valentine’s Day (even though it may not be today(when you’re reading it))!

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