Google Pixel Chromebook Released

Yesterday, Google unveiled its Pixel Chromebook, which, as the name suggests, is a laptop. Unlike the previous Chromebooks, Pixel features mid-high end hardware as well as a touch screen. As with all other Chromebooks, it runs Google’s Chrome OS which boots nearly instantly and is not prone to viruses. However, the primary downside to this is the lack of support for many applications available on Apple and Windows running laptops. In order to compensate for this, it supports Google’s full suite of applications including all the options in Google Docs. This enables the laptop to essentially utilize a re branded Microsoft Office which makes this new Chromebook a decent productivity machine. On top of that, Pixel offers a durable Gorilla Glass 12.85 inch touchscreen with a pixel density of 239. This could potentially allow users to play popular Android and iOS games through Google Chrome.

Featuring a Core i5 along with 4GB of DDR3 RAM, this is no mean Chromebook. And with a 32 GB SSD(or 64GB for $1449), there should be more than enough space (since Pixel comes with 1 terabyte of storage from the Cloud). Should you be let down by Google’s Chrome OS, it is probably possibly to install Linux or Windows onto it for more capabilities. It should have no trouble running either of those operating systems as its hardware is on par with many ultrabooks.

Pixel Chromebook definitely boasts some impressive hardware(especially screen) but its operating system may be lacking and it may not be the most cost efficient for people looking for people looking for optimal hardware for gaming as well as video and photo editing. One can easily find a more powerful laptop for $1299 which makes Pixel a less attractive option for many. However, Pixel Chromebook may be the best laptop out there for those who prefer aesthetics over pure performance. With that being said, Pixel faces competition from Microsoft’s Surface RT and Pro as well as the growing number of convertible touch screen tablet/laptops emerging.

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