Toshiba KiraBook: Monitor this Ultrabook

Toshiba just announced a new Ultrabook: The Kirabook. And along with it, have brought ultra-high resolution screens to the Windows Ultrabook market.

With a huge resolution of 2560 x 1440, the Kirabook has the most pixels for a Windows laptop on the market now. To put the resolution in perspective, you could fit four (720p) HD videos in it without scaling down the pixels (though they would clearly be smaller than on most screens). The only other (relatively) common laptops that you’ll see with such a high resolution are the Google Pixel and the MacBook Pro Retina (13″ and 15″). And it has a much higher resolution than that of the MacBook Air.

The KiraBook comes in three varieties, starting at $1599 (USD). It’s a sizeable price and includes the ULV i5 (Ivy Bridge). Another, $1799, features a touchscreen version, and a third version, $1999 features an i7 (3537U) in addition to the touchscreen. Clearly, this is not a cheap ultrabook with such a high entry price. All feature the new Windows 8, a 256 GB of SSD storage, and 8 GB of RAM.  With all three USB ports at USB 3.0, this does seem to be quite the laptop. It also features an HDMI cable and an SD card reader, along with a headset jack.

The KiraBook will be available for preorder through Toshiba’s website by May 3 and normal order by May 12. Although, I wonder if there will be a GPU to power so many pixels in such a small device…

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