A Renewed Version of Google Maps

Google has announced their new version of Google Maps at the Google I/O developer conference. This new version has a radically different UI from the current maps version.
The new Google Maps’ different approach is to have the map fullscreen with settings inside, rather than having settings and the search bar on an outside banner, which is less space-efficient. The way that the whole window is surrounded by the map (based on screenshots) makes for a more immersive experience and a little more viewing space.
Though the UI is quite effective, there are other interesting changes that have been made. There is a mode where you can view in 3D some buildings’ interiors. As in Google Earth now, you can view 3D buildings, but with no additional plugins.
It also tells you about the navigation and travel times if you are getting directions.
It is said that an airplane mode will also be included, which would make it effectively a browser-based Google Earth with a shiny new UI.
Altogether, the new Google Maps looks pretty slick and bursting with fun features.

If you want to sign up for an invite, you can follow this link:

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