Josh’s Opinion on iOS7

Being the local tech geek, I get lots of people, family members, friends, etc. asking me “What is your opinion on iOS7”, so instead of having to tell each of them again and again, I decided to post on it.

Design: Apple did change the design, it’s hard to say for the better or worse, since not many people keep up very closely to Apple news, to me, I don’t think it’s too flat or matte, I’m not sure I like the design of the icons however, they look like they were made by someone and posted on Cydia. They do look kind of childish, and will definitely take some time to get used, since they stray so far from previous iterations of iOS. I believe that this change is mainly due to the death of Jobs (RIP), and the ousting of Forstall, Cook and Ive have had the freedom to change the design of the OS. I do feel that it is a bit too white and too blurry.

Functionality: This is probably the biggest improvement in iOS7, Apple has taken many of the functionalities that people go to Cydia for and implemented them. I believe that Apple has realized that instead of fighting/trying to stop jailbreakers, they should, instead, give people a reason to not jailbreak. Certain things like the slide up quick settings (NC Settings). The new multitasking features, (mix of Auxo and Multiflow). There are also many cool little features which you will probably have to find out for yourself. Some include, timestamps on messages in Notification Center, older notifications are more dim, etc. Every so often there will be posts on pointing out cool new features, or partially hidden features in the OS.

I will keep you updated with any important information as it arises.

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