Logitech G400S Review

g400s-gaming-mouse-imagesGeneral Deisgn: As a follow up to their successful MX518 and G400 mice Logitech has released the G400S. This mouse is essentially an upgraded G400, meaning that the general feel and shape of Logitech’s G400 is carried over. One of the distinguishing characteristics of this mouse is its  non ambidextrous design: a thumb slot on one side and pinky slot on the other limit the mouse to right handed users only.


-Delta Zero sensor technology: Logitech’s newest sensor technology which is said to be more accurate than previous sensors in the predecessors of Logitech’s G400s. However, this improvement was not discernible  in game.

-Up to 4000 DPI

-Durable build: The two main two switches are rated at up to 20 million clicks, while the feet are rated at up to 250KM.

-Ability to switch sensitivity in game: G400S offers in game sensitivity switching via two buttons located above and below the scroll wheel.

-Programmable buttons: While Logitech claims this mouse features 8 programmable keys, that is quickly narrowed down to 5 that are actually likely to be reprogrammed with Logitech’s Gaming Software.

-Ergonomic shape: Logitech’s G400S is sculpted in way that ensures comfort for palm grip users through long gaming sessions.

-Advanced texture: Unlike previous Logitech mice, G400S implements a new comfortable texture which allows for easier gripping and superior control.

-Excellent software: Logitech offers simple, intuitive software that permits users to program buttons, create custom profiles, adjust DPI levels and polling rate, and assign default DPI.

-Sublime customer service: If a customer’s G400S should go awry, Logitech provides exceptional, hassle free support that often mails a replacement without the necessity of sending the faulty product back.

-Polling rate of up to 1000 reports per second: A polling rate this high ensures smooth, accurate tracking.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10 due to excellent value and all around performance, but lack of support for left handed consumers

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