System76 Galago UltraPro sees the Intel Iris Pro

The newest laptop from System76, which will be available in July, is quite impressive. As is the custom for System76, there is an Intel processor and Ubuntu that comes with it.

This remarkable laptop combines the cool Linux distribution with a slim form factor that rivals those of many ultrabooks. It features the newest generation, Haswell. Specifically, it has the Core i7-4750HQ (TM). At 2.0 GHz and 4 hyperthreaded cores, this is a rather impressive CPU to behold.

Galapago is the first laptop thinner than one inch to be able to boast Intel’s Iris Pro, a new iGP. Intel touts that the Iris Pro can support 4K by 2K pixels and (separately) up  to 3 screens (though, from the way their graphics were set up, it might by 3 additional screens to a laptop). Moreover, it packs twice the graphics performance as the previous generation. The Iris Pro features 128 MB built in.

Of course, a good iGP is no good without a screen; the Galapago UltraPro comes with a 14.1″ matte IPS screen with 1920 x 1080. Matte screens, in case you are not quite aware, have little to no reflections, but are considered to allow less color.

The RAM is available in sizes up to 16 GB @ 1600 MHz. The laptop fits one mSata drive (for SSDs, especially) and one SATA II/III port that is 9 mm thick, so most laptop drives will fit, not just the thinner variety. It seems that they are shipping a 500GB HDD by default. System76 seems to have opted out of an optical bay, but having one is not very useful anymore. The touchpad supports multitouch and does not have dedicated clicking keys. As for ports, where many small laptops prove their uselessness, System76 did a pretty good job. It has HDMI, display port, Ethernet, 3 USB 3.0 ports (pretty crazy!), a headphone, a mic jack (separate jacks), and an SD reader. Overall, the rest of the specifications are pretty good  and not too notable (You can check out more specs here:

The chassis of the laptop is quite nice; it is .75″ thick, or about 19 mm thick. There are fans on either side to keep it cool. It features a 53 Watt hour battery and a 90 Watt charger. So despite the form factor, this is still a powerful laptop. However, at 1.72 kg (3.8 lbs), this is still a pretty light laptop.

As for Ubuntu (13.04), Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution and has a beautiful interface. One can achieve most of the things for Windows through Linux. WINE, WINE is not an emulator, for example, emulates the Windows API and can run a fair deal of programs – in addition to the other software. Also, despite Windows mainly being the gaming platform for PC, Valve is porting quite a few games to Linux. If someone really needs Windows, it is most likely possible to install it in addition.

The Galapago UltraPro is available for pre-order until next month, when it is being shipped (995 USD).

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