Google Leaks Nexus 5 in Android 4.4 Kitkat Advert

Yesterday, Google released its Advert for Android 4.4 Kitkat on Youtube in which the Google campus is observing a a Kitkat android figure being installed, with many employees recording and taking pictures on their smartphones. At around the 38 second mark, two employees can be seen holding Nexus phones varying from the current Nexus 4, which has lead to speculation that their phones are the highly anticipated Nexus 5s. 

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If this is true, Google’s next iteration in its Nexus phone series will also be manufactured by LG, as the LG logo is visible near the bottom of the phone’s back panel. The phone appears to have a larger camera lens in addition to LED flash, signifying that the rumors of a powerful 13 MP camera may be true. This new Nexus device looks a bit larger than its current counterpart, which is also consistent with the rumors of a 5.2 inch display. If the rest of the rumors are as credible, Nexus 5 will be quite a powerful smartphone, with 3GB of Ram, Snapdragon 600 or 800, and higher storage options.

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