Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Is Samsung pulling ahead of Apple in the mobile device market?

Galaxy Gear

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is a really neat product that allows users to interact with their phone. It is a smartwatch with a 1.63-inch watch face and runs on Google’s Android OS. Samsung wanted to give users a way to leave their phones in their pockets. Users can use the Gear to make hands-free calls, dictate e-mails, set alarms, and check the weather with just their voices. If those emails/texts can’t fit on the screen, they can pull out their phone and with a feature called Smart Relay whatever was on the screen of their Gear will display on their Galaxy Phone. Another very interesting feature of the gear is a 1.6MP camera. That’s right the watch has a CAMERA, the camera can take both pictures and 720p video. Other features include a pedometer and an option to make the watch beep if it sense it’s been misplaced. At launch more than 70 apps including eBay, Evernote, and RunKeeper are available to download on the gear.

The Galaxy Gear is coming on Sept. 25th and will retail for $299. While this product isn’t cheap it is definitely a step into the wearable computer market.

PCAW will have more information on the Samsung event from today, including a Galaxy Note 3 post coming later today.

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