Ubuntu Touch Dual Boot for Nexus 4


Canonical has announced an app that allows the Nexus 4 to dual boot Android and Ubuntu Touch.

In case you are not familiar, Ubuntu touch is a new OS for smartphones being developed by the same company behind the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu. It features a slick UI, with no physical button requirements (heavy usage of swipes), and is easier to port desktop Ubuntu apps to (compared with, say, Android). Another notable fact is that Ubuntu touch supports apps written in Javascript or HTML (I think it does support a more traditional C or a close variant), making it faster to create apps.

Earlier, you would have had to flash the device, but now it becomes easier than ever to give it a try, even though Ubuntu Touch is still a developer preview and is not completely finished yet. (I’m not too sure how the phone works at the moment — but that should be documented)

If you have a Nexus 4, you might want to try it out… If not, you can write about it 😉

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