Pebble Steel Announced

Pebble Steel

Today, Pebble Smartwatch has released another version of their smartwatch. If you don’t know what Pebble is, they were famous for being the most funded project on Kickstarter, raising $10M out of a $100,000 goal.

This new watch, the Pebble Steel  comes in two colors. Stainless steel and Black Matte, it’s display is covered by a Gorilla glass sheet. Aside from the exterior look it’s exactly the same inside, with the same screen size, processor, storage, etc. It does feature an LED that can be programmed. Currently it can tell you the charging state of the Pebble, but Pebble SDK 2 will allow developers to take control of it.

Another thing covered in the Pebble livestream was the new Pebble App Store, which will release at the end of January, but developers need to submit their apps by 1/9/13 in order to get their app in for day 1.

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