Apple Tip of the Week 3: Hidden OSX Wallpapers

Hey guys, Josh here with this week’s Apple Tip of the Week 3 . I’m really excited to show you this one, because this is one of the less known tips.

Did you know there ara hidden wallpapers in OSX Mavericks? Neither did I at first, until I decided to snoop around the Library.

To get to this, use Go to folder using finder, and navigate to this location:

/Library/Screen Savers/Default Collections/



Some of these, you may recognize from the ones in system preferences, however, some of these you may not. Specifically the ones in Cosmos and National Geographic. The best part is they are all 3200X2000, so they’ll work on 1080p, 1440p monitors, and retina displays.


Here’s a link to the file if you’re too lazy to find it. 😉!g9dkDSxa!DuQqkwU8_iHVH9iQ2Z1gID9ipiBpSsdL0fGmjrKVj3U


Hope you enjoyed this week’s tip!

Cheers, Joshua



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