Nano Editor Review

How Meta!

How Meta!


Nano is an open source command-line editor.

It has most of the featured offered in, say, Notepad or Textedit, although there is no support for your mouse’s cursor or selecting words.

Aside from that, being in a command line setting, it also feels really advanced.

There’s a handy bar at the bottom of the window if you ever need it with the shortcuts. Just so you know, the caret (^) indicates control. So a  shortcut like ^O, WriteOut, means that when you press ctrl + O, then  Nano will save the file under a file name of your choosing.

An interesting feature is that, following a double press of the escape key, you can enter a character value from 000-255. For example, pressing esc,esc, 1, 6, 7 yields § (although it shows up as in Nano as Д).

As for the meta key sequences that come up, I am not entirely sure how they are designed to work on Windows, where there are already system shortcuts with something like Meta-D(The Meta key is also the one with  the Windows Logo or the Command key for Macs).

There’s not really a scrolling feature or, at least for the Windows  build on the website, the ability to make the window any larger than a  quarter the full screen.

Despite these issues, Nano makes for a fun editing experience, even though it may be less convenient than Word or Notepad.

Help is always welcome!


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