Samsung Galaxy S5 Announced

Galaxy S5

Today Samsung released their new Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 sports much of the same design as the outgoing Galaxy S4, with some minor changes. The only physical change is the dimpled back of the S5 made out of a different material than plastic.

Some internal changes to the Galaxy S5 include, a fingerprint sensor under the home button (I wonder where they got that idea from) and a heart rate sensor on the back of the device. While I understand that people would like to try and keep fit, I’m still not sold on the need for a heart rate sensor on your phone. On the Galaxy Gear 2, I understand, it’s a watch, you’ll wear it when you exercise. But on a phone? Not entirely convinced.

Pricing hasn’t been announced, but it’s expected that they’ll go on sale for $200 with a 2year contract. They are rumored to begin being sold in April.


We will keep you updated with more Samsung news as it arises.

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