Fixing Corrupt Icons in Windows

As time goes on, operating systems generally deteriorate-registry errors pile up, disks become fragmented, and certain files corrupt. Fortunately, as with most other issues, resolving icon corruption does not require a full operating system reinstall. The cause of most icon corruption is the corruption of the Windows icon cache. Replacing the corrupt icon cache takes the following simple steps.

1. Make hidden folders visible: this can be done through the Control Panel by selecting Appearance and Personalization followed by the Folder Options sub menu.
2. Delete the current icon cache: this can be found by navigating along the following path: My Computer->Local Disk->Users->Username->AppData->Local->IconCache
step 2a
3. End the Explorer.exe process via task manager: this can be done by pressing the following keys simultaneously: “Ctrl Shift Esc”, locating the explorer.exe process, selecting it, and pressing “End Process” **NOTE**: your taskbar will disappear but this is normal and to be expected, do not panic
step 3f
4. Restart Explorer.exe: this can be done by selecting the file menu in Task Manager, clicking “New Task”, typing “explorer.exe” into the box, and pressing “OK”

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