Galaxy S4 Zoom: “Phone, meet Camera”

Recently, Samsung released an interesting twist to their widely used Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Which, basically, is a point and shoot camera attached to the back of a Samsung GS4. This, however, isn’t brand new for Samsung. Samsung has their line of Galaxy Cameras ranging from point-and-shoots to mirror-less DSLRs.


Why is the Galaxy S4 Zoom different? Mainly because it contains the full fledged Samsung Touchwiz interface. The Galaxy Cameras used a dumbed down version of the Touchwiz interface, and couldn’t make calls/surf the web. The GS4 Zoom can do everything a regular GS4 can do with the addition of a point and shoot camera.


Once again Samsung is trying something different, this time blurring the lines between phone and camera.

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