Corning Announcing New Product on May 20

Corning, the company behind today’s extremely durable smartphone screens, has announced today that they will be unveiling a new product on May 20th. The event will be held at the Corning testing labs in New York. We could be seeing a finalized version of a product they showcased back in January at CES which was called the Anti-Microbial Gorilla Glass.

I personally think that we might be seeing a entirely new product from Corning which will be made out of sapphire to attract Apple’s attention again. This is because Apple will be using a sapphire display on the iPhone 6 and Corning will most likely want Apple to use their displays on the new flagship.

With that being said, it is entirely too soon to tell what could happen at the event and what sorts of new products we might see. All we can do for now is to wait and speculate on the news. Definitely stay tuned to the site as we will be keeping the site up to date throughout the event.



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