Google Glass Explorer Edition Is on Sale April 15

For today, April 15th, Google is selling the Google Glass Explorer Edition to anyone in the US for a hefty price of $1500. It will be on sale until 6 AM Pacific Time April 16th, or 9 AM Eastern Time.

In case you are unfamiliar, the Google Glass can take prescription lenses, so if you wear glasses, it won’t be so inconvenient. There’s even an option to have sunglass shades. As far as fashion goes, there are four different frames offered in five different colors.

It comes with a 5 megapixel camera on the right side, along with an earpiece. To charge, just plug it into a micro USB cable (which comes with it), which is featured with many android phones. You can store 12 GB of data on its 16 GB flash storage, synced with Google Cloud storage.

There is going to be a cheaper version of the Google Glass later this year, and there is also the Samsung Galaxy Glass that may come out later this year. If you’re willing to put out the dough, though, is it worth being a “glasshole?” Or perhaps, since it’s for everyone, the term might become less prominent…

Let us know how you feel about the Google Glass in the comments below.

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