Use Apple’s USB Super Drive with Unsupported Macs

If you may or may not know. Apple’s USB super drive only works with Macs that don’t have a built in Super Drive (Airs, Retina, New iMacs/Mac Minis). Much to my dismay, I found that out the hard way today with my old 2009 Mac Book Pro, which doesn’t have a Super Drive because I replaced it with another hard drive.

Luckily, with some internet snooping I found an answer. It’s pretty simple if you have even a basic knowledge of the OSX OS.

To start, open finder. Navigate to the top and click  Go>Go To Folder (Ctrl+Shift+G). Then paste in this:


Hit go and open up double click it and it should open it up in text edit. If not right click and use Open With>Other>Text Edit.

Now if you try to edit it it’ll say its locked. That’s fine, click Duplicate, and it will make a copy. You need to add/edit two lines: the first is Kernel Flags and the second is mbasd=1.

This is what mine looks like:

You can just copy and paste that into the duplicate. When you save it, it’ll ask you to save as somewhere else. That’s fine, save it into your documents as Then delete the one in SystemConfiguration, and drop in the one in your documents. Put in your password when prompted. Restart your computer, and voila!

When you plug in your Super Drive it should be recognized! I hope this helped you, please post a comment if you have any questions or concerns.

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