Google Launches an Invite-Only Domains Service

Recently, Google opened up an invite-only beta for selling domains. The program, found at, adds onto the copious amount of internet services that Google has to offer.



A picture of the website's home page

A picture of the website’s home page

Users with access to this beta will be able to buy or transfer domains for the cost of $12 a year. Features that are commonly regarded as add-ons such as private registration and emails, will come free with this service.


If you haven’t been invited to try out this program but would be interested in doing so, you can request an invitation code via their website. While the service is still in beta, it shows the major company taking a major step up against companies like GoDaddy, who were previously known as partners to Google. All in all, it seems like Google is looking to be a leader in the domains business, and it will be very interesting to see everything that this company will have to offer when it opens its service to the public.

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