Samsung Releases S5 ads

EDIT: Thank you to MorePancakes over at Reddit, who was quick to point out that most of the time, screens are photoshopped in after the fact – the featured video was probably filmed with a tripod at a different time.


Samsung released three videos yesterday encouraging S3 users to upgrade to S5. It’s a pretty good move to insure they keep consumers coming back for more.

One of the key points Samsung hits on is the improved camera. The S5 features HDR mode during video shooting. I thought that the video on the camera looked a bit too stable, even for a camera with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization).

The white car in the S5’s video preview is not in the same place that the main camera says it’s at!

Yet it can’t be lag, because the car is in front in the S5’s preview, as compared to the main camera’s shot of the white car in the background. You can find this specific video here.




I’m not saying that you should not necessarily get the S5, however; it’s just interesting that they chose to do something like that. Unless it’s a multiple-second lag between actual video input and the preview, in which you may want to proceed with caution…

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