Best Free VPN

VPNs have become fairly commonplace, and although there are a variety of free VPN services, many are hampered by slow speeds, data limits, and/or advertisements. Fortunately, academic experiment of University of Tsukaba VPN Gate is a break from the norm. It is available for download as plugin for the SoftEther Client and requires very little configuration. To install, simply visit, download and unzip the file to a folder, click through the guided client installation, and open the newly installed SoftEther VPN client. Once in the client, connect to one of the many available servers, ranging from locations in Japan and Korea to the US. Connection speeds are listed at the right and should be considered when deciding on a server. Most servers available are sufficient for web browsing, including video streaming, but the ping may vary depending on server, thus it is vital to check this prior to playing any ping-dependent games, such as MOBAs and online multiplayer FPS. Despite its few imperfections, zippy speeds and unlimited access make VPN gate the best free VPN software.

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