Apple Launches the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

This morning, Apple launched their two new iPhones- The 6, and the larger 6 Plus. Both are bigger than their predecessor, the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 6’s footprint is similar to that of the 5-inch Nexus 5, and the 6 Plus has a footprint close to that of the 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The iPhone 6 hosts a 750 x 1334 pixel resolution, while the 6 Plus moves up to a HD 1080p resolution. The new models also feature curved edges, which aim to help make the larger phone feel better in the user’s hands. In addition to the edges, the sleep button, which was previously located on top of the phone, has been moved to the side. Both of the new models feature an upgraded Apple A8, 64 bit processor with 1GB of RAM. Both phones also use a PowerVR GX6650 GPU. Battery life has also been improved compared to previous models- the iPhone 5 contained a 1440 mAh battery, the iPhone 5S a 1560 mAh, and now the iPhone 6’s is 1810 mAh. The 6 Plus makes a staggering jump, nearly doubling the iPhone 5S’s capacity with a larger 2915 mAh battery hosted inside the massive frame.

While Apple boasts upgraded features to the cameras, the iPhone 6 Plus boasts a feature called “OIS” or “Optical Image Stabilization”, which smooths video and reduces shake to give clearer results. This was an anticipated addition to the line, as many rivaling phones already utilizedĀ this feature.

Earlier this week, Apple announced that it had sold more than 4 million new iPhones during the first 24 hours of preorders. Predictions state that over the opening weekend, sales will top last year’s opening weekend of 9 million. Will you be getting one of these new phones? Let us know in the comments!

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