Samsung Releases S5 ads

EDIT: Thank you to MorePancakes over at Reddit, who was quick to point out that most of the time, screens are photoshopped in after the fact – the featured video was probably filmed with a tripod at a different time.   Samsung released three videos yesterday encouraging S3 users to upgrade to S5. It’s a […]

Android L at Google I/O

This Wednesday, Google announced the latest version of Android, Android L (they haven’t officially announced a dessert codename). Google has also released the developer preview (which has already been rooted on the Nexus 5 and 7). It brings a fresh UI they call a Material Design, which brings more aesthetic consistency when compared to the […]

Google Glass Explorer Edition Is on Sale April 15

For today, April 15th, Google is selling the Google Glass Explorer Edition to anyone in the US for a hefty price of $1500. It will be on sale until 6 AM Pacific Time April 16th, or 9 AM Eastern Time. In case you are unfamiliar, the Google Glass can take prescription lenses, so if you […]

Ubuntu One: And Then There Were None

Canonical was offering a free cloud storage system, Ubuntu One, for 5 GB of storage, with paid options to expand that storage. Recently, however, Canonical has decided that the service will no longer allow new users as of April 2nd, and they will delete any remaining files by June 1, 2014. This is in part […]

Nano Editor Review

  Nano is an open source command-line editor. It has most of the featured offered in, say, Notepad or Textedit, although there is no support for your mouse’s cursor or selecting words. Aside from that, being in a command line setting, it also feels really advanced. There’s a handy bar at the bottom of the […]

Ubuntu Touch Dual Boot for Nexus 4

Canonical has announced an app that allows the Nexus 4 to dual boot Android and Ubuntu Touch. In case you are not familiar, Ubuntu touch is a new OS for smartphones being developed by the same company behind the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu. It features a slick UI, with no physical button requirements (heavy usage […]

China Mobile, Apple Strike iPhone Deal

Apple has signed a deal to make iPhones available to China Mobile, a Chinese carrier with over 750 Million users – more than twice the population of the US! While Android continues to grow, and has far surpassed the iPhones in popularity, Apple still holds a secure place in premium phones (and has exclusive rights […]

Happy Thanksgiving From the PCAW Team!

Happy Thanksgiving and Chanukah! We hope everyone is enjoying this joyful day of giving thanks and savoring (perhaps a bit much) food! As is customary, tomorrow shall be Black Friday, and there are some pretty good deals out there. Apple, too, is taking part of the sales. Newegg has an impressive slew of deals. You can find […]

PC Apple World is Proud to Announce Moving to Bluehost!

PC Apple World is transferring over to Bluehost — thanks to our Joshua J! We should now be able to add all sorts of exciting bells and whistles, now that we have some more control over the website’s code. Have a Happy Thanksgiving week! -PC Apple World Team

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: A Noteworthy Mammoth of a Phone

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a phone that has a screen even larger than that of the Note 2; it is, however, smaller than the Galaxy S4 Mega. The Note 3 has a 5.7″ screen; the Note 2 had a 5.5″ screen with the same bezel size. The S4 Mega (aptly called ‘Mega’) […]