FM2 Motherboards Announced From Biostar

Biostar has announced some motherboards sporting the newest FM2 socket for the Trinity APUs(desktop version) that haven’t even come out yet or been officially announced by AMD. The chipsets are A85, which is the new chipset for the Trinity line. These motherboards are called the Hi-Fi line. Some of the motherboards have capacitors that make […]

Windows 8 Brings Secure Boot

Microsoft said that any computer branded as ‘Windows 8 Compatible’ must have a function called Secure Boot so that the computer would not boot off of some unauthorized OS, potentially preventing damage to computers. However, this could potentially be used to block Linux, Windows’ main competitor, which would be a very scary idea, even if […]

Asus Makes the First Thunderbolt-Ready Motherboard Other Than Apple

Asus is releasing the P8Z77-V┬áPremium. What the name means that the chipset is the newer Z77, for LGA-1155. Ivy Bridge is using LGA-1155, so it is ready for upgrading The rest of it just specifies which version it is, premium, and is in the form factor ATX. That form factor letter is just V means […]

Trinity vs. Ivy Bridge

In the mobile sector, AMD is pitting their newest Trinity APUs against Intel’s newest Ivy Bridge. There is a new architecture there, but how well it does compared to Ivy Bridge could be different from Llano vs. Sandy Bridge. The last rotation of things – and the first time the A-series came out – Llano […]


There is a new revision of WiFi coming out, and its name is 802.11ac. This new version is far faster than 802.11n. The channels will be twice or four times wider, allowing for more data to move at the same time. It goes from the 40Mhz and 20Mhz to 80 and 160 Mhz; this is […]

AMD Trinity APU Announced and Tested

AMD has finally released its revision on the revolutionary design of a CPU integrating graphics as powerful as discrete graphics. As you may know, AMD has replaced the architecture with a newer, slightly stronger one that has more room for improvement than the fully tweaked “Stars” architecture. The highest end processing power is now better […]

Windows Ate 7?

Chances are that if you are tech-savvy enough to find this nice website, you’ve also ran into articles about Windows 8. Windows 8 doesn’t look very welcoming, especially if you plan to be using a device that doesn’t support touch (most netbooks, laptops, and desktops). Microsoft claims that they are trying to create a uniform […]

Hot New Ivy Bridge

As many know, Intel has recently released their new line of processors, with a code name Ivy Bridge. Quite a few have noticed that these are a little hotter than the predecessor, Sandy Bridge. Why could this be? Ivy Bridge managed to shrink transistors into sizes of 22nm, the smallest so far. This means that […]

AMD to Announce Trinity APU Officially on May 15

AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, is announcing the next generation of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) on the 15th of May; they will be actually releasing the mobile versions later in the 2nd quarter or in the 3rd quarter. The main improvement here is that AMD has revamped the CPU cores so they would be more fit […]