iPad Air: Cheap Chinese Ripoff or Apple’s Newest Tablet?

After having time to play with Apple’s newest tablet, I have to say it isn’t bad. It fixes most of my major complaints with the iPad 4. It’s thinner on the bezels and lighter. I found my iPad 4 was a bit too big for my liking, and not so portable. The iPad Mini also […]

Apple’s Next Big Thing?

                              Apple’s next event is coming soon. This will most likely be an update to the ┬áiPads. The iPad will most likely get a redesign similar to that of the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini will most likely get a retina […]

iOS 7 releasing!

Today’s the day! iOS7 will be released today. The update will go live 10am PST, 12am CST. You can do the math for other timezones.   iOS 7 will be compatible with the iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4 (with limited capabilities). iPad 4, 3, 2, and Mini.   -Joshua

Apple iPhone 5s vs 5c

Today at Apple’s conference they announced the new iPhone 5s and 5c. This post won’t be an opinions on them but merely a head to head comparison. We will have opinions on them once they hit the stores and we have time to play with them.   (Click on image for a larger version)

Apple Store is Expectedly Down Before Event

As you may or may not know the big apple event is today and, as expected the apple online store went down right in time for the event. We will keep you updated as the day progresses .

Apple’s September 10th iPhone/iPad Event Officially Confirmed

As you may have heard some rumors have been floating around as to the release date of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5C, iPad Mini 2, and iPad 5. Phew, Apple has a lot to talk about. Today Apple officially sent an invitation to the press inviting them to an Apple Event. As you can see […]

Comparisons Are Back! Best Back to school Mac, Air vs Pro.

After a drought of posts, PCAW is ready to come back in full force. Starting off with another comparison. School is starting (it has started for some people), and we want to help make your decision of a back to school laptop a bit easier. A lot of college students in Computer Science, Visual Design, […]

Josh’s Opinion on iOS7

Being the local tech geek, I get lots of people, family members, friends, etc. asking me “What is your opinion on iOS7”, so instead of having to tell each of them again and again, I decided to post on it. Design: Apple did change the design, it’s hard to say for the better or worse, […]

Google Hangouts a New All in One Messaging Service

Today at Google’s annual I/O conference they released a new messaging service that combines Gmail and Google+ chat into one service. This service is called Google Hangouts. This one simple app integrates and combines all of your mobile devices and computers. Much like how Apple’s iMessage “works” (iMessage syncing on OSX can be problematic). This […]

JellyLock An iOS JailBreak Tweak

  This is an overview of Jelly Lock which adds an Android lockscreen-esque slide to unlock to your iphone. Sorry about the weird quality, something happened when the video rendered out. Cydia Repo: http://cydia.myrepospace.com/maxkatzmann/ Links: Twitter: twitter.com/mactechreviews Website: Pcappleworld.com Second channel: youtube.com/mbp3131