Mac X DVD Ripper Pro Review and Giveaway

  Giveaway will last until the 26th of April. THIS SOFTWARE IS FOR MAC ONLY.   1. You must subscribe to me on   2. Leave a comment on this post. Please put your youtube username in the comment.   3. One comment per week is allowed. More than one per week will get […]

Apple’s New 128GB iPad

Today Apple announced their new 128GB iPad. It $799 for wifi only and $929 for wifi+4g. At this price, however, I would just go with the baseline 11″ MacBook Air for $999. The large capacity is said to be because a lot of people are starting to use an iPad as their main device. People […]

Apple’s New iMac’s iDentity Crisis

The new iMac from Apple is slim, sleek, and futuristic. What’s not to like about it? Everything. Hence the title, its identity crisis. While the iMac strives to be a desktop computer ranging from a 21″ for casual users to a 27″ for professional users, it doesn’t fit the bill. Inside of its slim new […]

iPad Mini Overview

Yesterday, Apple unveiled its newest tablet, the highly anticipated iPad Mini. The iPad Mini is geared toward consumers who desire a portable, yet fully functional tablet. However, its steep entry cost of $329 (16 GB model) does not compete too aggressively with Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD (both priced at $250 for equivalent models). […]

What You Need To Know About The iPhone 5

Today, Apple unveiled their newest phone, the iPhone 5, at their press conference. As usual, Apple claims that this new iPhone is the biggest change since the iPhone lineup was released, but is the iPhone 5 really all that revolutionary? In a nutshell, no. While it did receive a screen, processor, RAM, camera, iOS, Siri, […]

Bluestacks Beta (Android on Windows or Mac) Review

The best free Android app emulator up to date, Bluestacks, allows for the usage of the large majority of android applications on a Windows or Macintosh PC. From the download and installation to the menu and controls, Bluestacks is very intuitive. Additionally, Bluestacks comes preloaded with various useful apps and games including  two app stores, Twitter, Facebook, and Angry […]

Mac App of the Week: App 2: Hand Brake

This is the second app in my weekly series, Mac App of the Week. Handbrake Download link: My Youtube Channel:

Mac App of the Week – Week 1 – Free Memory

Samsung Galaxy S3 (US Version) VS iPhone 4S

                     Today, the Samsung Galaxy 3 launched in the United States of America. The phone is designed to compete with Apple’s very popular iPhone 4/4S . However, this article will compare the Galaxy 3 to the iPhone 4S since the iPhone 4s is the most recent and contains […]

New MacBook Pro Announced at WWDC 2012

Today, was Apple’s annual WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) and a brand new MacBook Pro model has been released. It is a 15″ MacBook Pro, but there’s more to it than it’s screen size. There are two models, here are each of their specs: But this is no ordinary display, there is a retina display […]