Blacklight Retribution Review

Blacklight Retribution, a free to play first person shooter game, specializes in weapon customization. Players are offered a wide array  of receivers(guns), muzzles, barrels, magazines, scopes, stocks, weapon tags, and weapon camoflauge. All of these allow for variations of key weapon stats such as damage, recoil, spread, and range in accord with one’s playstyle. Receivers […]

Logitech G400S Review

General Deisgn: As a follow up to their successful MX518 and G400 mice Logitech has released the G400S. This mouse is essentially an upgraded G400, meaning that the general feel and shape of Logitech’s G400 is carried over. One of the distinguishing characteristics of this mouse is its  non ambidextrous design: a thumb slot on […]

Common Issues with MSI Afterburner and Their Solutions

One of the best, if not the best, video capture software available is MSI Afterburner. This software is a general GPU utility which includes overclocking options, GPU monitoring, and Screen/Video capture. However, as with most other video capture software, MSI Afterburner does have a few gropes. One of them is the fast that the software […]

Steam for Linux!

For a while now, Valve has been developing a client on Linux and porting games to it. They had run a beta program, where a few people got to test it out. But now, it is open to all, with more games than ever! Valve truly wants to celebrate this accomplishment – no mean feat […]

The reality of AMD vs Intel CPUs For Gaming

                       Evidently, Intel does have an advantage when it comes to CPU performance in games. However, most games are significantly more taxing on GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) than on CPUs Central Processing Units). Therefore, a better option for gamers may be to simply buy a […]

New Game Console to Take on PS3 and XBox 360: Ouya

                        Ouya is a revolutionary new console which is centered around free to play games. It will be powered by android. These are it’s specs as posted on its Kickstarter Page:   “Specifications: Tegra3 quad-core processor 1GB RAM 8GB of internal flash storage HDMI connection […]

What To Look For When Purchasing A Windows Laptop

Weight: Weight is one of the most important aspects to look for when choosing laptops. That is due the fact that laptops are meant to be carried around and hence the lighter they are, the easier it is to carry them. Also, it is not comfortable to have an eight pound laptop on your lap […]

Logitech G400 Gaming Mouse Review

The Logitech G400 is a great mouse that can be used for casual usage or some gaming. The mouse has 5 programmable buttons than can prove quite useful in gaming among other applications. Furthermore, it has the option to adjust DPI in game which can be important in first person shooter games for switching between walking around and sniping. There are […]

Diablo Three Released Today!

It’s been 12 years since Diablo 2 was released. Now, finally, the long awaited sequel to the Diablo series, is being released. Diablo, a point-and-click RPG game, has been awaited by thousands of fans. Although, there seems to be login troubles for many. UPDATE: Seems the servers have cleared up, and they are letting people through. Happy […]