Comparisons Are Back! Best Back to school Mac, Air vs Pro.

After a drought of posts, PCAW is ready to come back in full force. Starting off with another comparison. School is starting (it has started for some people), and we want to help make your decision of a back to school laptop a bit easier. A lot of college students in Computer Science, Visual Design, […]

System76 Galago UltraPro sees the Intel Iris Pro

The newest laptop from System76, which will be available in July, is quite impressive. As is the custom for System76, there is an Intel processor and Ubuntu that comes with it. This remarkable laptop combines the cool Linux distribution with a slim form factor that rivals those of many ultrabooks. It features the newest generation, […]

Toshiba KiraBook: Monitor this Ultrabook

Toshiba just announced a new Ultrabook: The Kirabook. And along with it, have brought ultra-high resolution screens to the Windows Ultrabook market. With a huge resolution of 2560 x 1440, the Kirabook has the most pixels for a Windows laptop on the market now. To put the resolution in perspective, you could fit four (720p) HD videos in […]

Google Pixel Chromebook Released

Yesterday, Google unveiled its Pixel Chromebook, which, as the name suggests, is a laptop. Unlike the previous Chromebooks, Pixel features mid-high end hardware as well as a touch screen. As with all other Chromebooks, it runs Google’s Chrome OS which boots nearly instantly and is not prone to viruses. However, the primary downside to this […]

The reality of AMD vs Intel CPUs For Gaming

                       Evidently, Intel does have an advantage when it comes to CPU performance in games. However, most games are significantly more taxing on GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) than on CPUs Central Processing Units). Therefore, a better option for gamers may be to simply buy a […]

Apple’s New iMac’s iDentity Crisis

The new iMac from Apple is slim, sleek, and futuristic. What’s not to like about it? Everything. Hence the title, its identity crisis. While the iMac strives to be a desktop computer ranging from a 21″ for casual users to a 27″ for professional users, it doesn’t fit the bill. Inside of its slim new […]

Asus reveals Windows 8 ready devices

Today, Asus has unveiled their newest devices that will fit into Windows 8 as a hand into a (fitting) glove. There is the Transformer Book, which acts as a notebook, but allows the screen to be undocked from the main chassis without needing to talk to each other. It boasts an i5 or i7, a […]

Vizio Is Entering the PC Market With 3 New Lineups

Well renowned TV and TV accessory maker Vizio has plans for the PC market with its new pre-order status Notebook, Thin+Light, and All-in-one product line ups. As the name implies, the Notebook series features typical notebook specifications paired with sleek, metal designs. There are 3 main notebook models, each with identical operation systems and graphics cardsAlso, […]

Acer Timeline Ultra M5 ‘Ultrabook’

Acer is releasing a new Ultrabook later this month. Here are the specs: i5 3371u (low-voltage) @ 1.7 Ghz (2.6 Ghz turbo) with 3 Mb cache GT 640M (28 nm, 384 shaders, 128-bit) 500GB HDD + 20 GB SSD DVD Drive (Did you know they put those in Ultrabooks?!) 14″-15.6″ inch monitors 1366×768 (pretty low […]

What To Look For When Purchasing A Windows Laptop

Weight: Weight is one of the most important aspects to look for when choosing laptops. That is due the fact that laptops are meant to be carried around and hence the lighter they are, the easier it is to carry them. Also, it is not comfortable to have an eight pound laptop on your lap […]