Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Review

The Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard, intended for gaming, features membrane keys. While this means that it will not perform quite as well as a mechanical keyboard, it certainly will surpass most, if not all, other membrane keyboards in terms of comfort and performance. The surface of the keys is glossy and black, with transparent slots for the […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Sold Out

Within a day of its release, Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet is sold out. This could signify several occurances: a. Microsoft manufactured a small batch due to uncertain sales projections, b. Microsoft’s Surface Pro was extremely popular, and the most likely of all c. a combination of a and b. Surface Pro should prove a viable and potent […]

Microsoft Blames OEMs for Sluggish Windows 8 sales

Microsoft’s Windows 8 has had 60 million licenses sold since October 26, 2012, which was 3 months ago now. This brought in nearly 6 billion USD, however, Microsoft is not satisfied. Granted, it is less popular than Windows 7 was 3 months after its own release, but Windows 8 is doing pretty well despite many […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Details

Microsoft’s more full-featured tablet, the Surface Pro, is scheduled for a Feburary 9 release date. While it is no secret that Microsoft has been working on its Pro addition to the Surface lineup, its release date was ambiguous. The tablet will come in two varieties: a 64GB model for $899, and a 128GB model for […]

Asus reveals Windows 8 ready devices

Today, Asus has unveiled their newest devices that will fit into Windows 8 as a hand into a (fitting) glove. There is the Transformer Book, which acts as a notebook, but allows the screen to be undocked from the main chassis without needing to talk to each other. It boasts an i5 or i7, a […]

Bluestacks Beta (Android on Windows or Mac) Review

The best free Android app emulator up to date, Bluestacks, allows for the usage of the large majority of android applications on a Windows or Macintosh PC. From the download and installation to the menu and controls, Bluestacks is very intuitive. Additionally, Bluestacks comes preloaded with various useful apps and games including  two app stores, Twitter, Facebook, and Angry […]

Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 Comprehensive Review

One of the leading antivirus providers, Kaspersky, has released their Internet Security suite at the dawn of 2012. The program comes at a price of roughly $20 for a 1 year, 3 PC license. That price definitively lowers the cost of protecting a PC in comparison to the previous years in which a 1 year, 1 PC […]

Microsoft to Preinstall Office 2013 Student/Home With Tablets

Microsoft said that they will have ARM based tablets (running Windows RT) with Office 2013, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Also note that, if you like Outlook, you will still have to pay to use it on the tablet. Now you may be thinking: “Why would Microsoft, who’s asking more money just for Service […]

Microsoft Surface Tablet: iPad Killer?

At a “secret” Microsoft conference, Microsoft has released their own Tablet called the Microsoft Surface. There will be two models:   The Surface RT: OS: Windows RT Weight: 676g Thickness: 9.3mm Screen Size: 10.6″ ClearType HD Display Battery: 31.5 W-h (Watts an hour) Connectivity: microSD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video, 2X2 MIMO antennae Software/Accessories: Office […]