HP Omni vs iMac

                                            Currently, there are 2 mainstream all-in-one computers: the iMac series and the HP Omni series. Since the base iMac comes at a price of $1199.99, it will be compared with the price equivalent […]

MacBook Air vs. Samsung UltraBook

Two very slim computers, one called the “Air” the other called an “Ultrabook” will face off and be compared! We will compare the low end 13″ MacBook Air (MC965LL/A) and low end 13″ Samsung Ultrabook (NP530U3B-A01US). Prices: MacBook Air: $1,299 Ultrabook: $899.99 Specs MacBook Air: 1.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor 4GB memory 128GB flash […]

AMD Trinity APU Announced and Tested

AMD has finally released its revision on the revolutionary design of a CPU integrating graphics as powerful as discrete graphics. As you may know, AMD has replaced the architecture with a newer, slightly stronger one that has more room for improvement than the fully tweaked “Stars” architecture. The highest end processing power is now better […]

Windows Ate 7?

Chances are that if you are tech-savvy enough to find this nice website, you’ve also ran into articles about Windows 8. Windows 8 doesn’t look very welcoming, especially if you plan to be using a device that doesn’t support touch (most netbooks, laptops, and desktops). Microsoft claims that they are trying to create a uniform […]

Windows 8 Tablets On The Way

An aplenty of Windows 8 tablets are to be released in the fall of 2012, running on chips from several manufacturers. consumers will likely be able to purchase these tablets in November. It will be capable of running on the traditional x86 processor and the ARM-based designs, which are very common in tablets. Intel plans on releasing two Atom design […]