Nano Editor Review

  Nano is an open source command-line editor. It has most of the featured offered in, say, Notepad or Textedit, although there is no support for your mouse’s cursor or selecting words. Aside from that, being in a command line setting, it also feels really advanced. There’s a handy bar at the bottom of the […]

Best CPU/Mobo Bundle Under $110 (Microcenter)

Nexus 5 Review

As expected, Google launched their Nexus 5 on October 31 and although the inventory issues were significantly abated, the device a still had an over one month weight time at the end of  launch day, although it was still a major improvement over the Nexus 4’s launch during which the device sold out within 11 […]

Logitech G400S Review

General Deisgn: As a follow up to their successful MX518 and G400 mice Logitech has released the G400S. This mouse is essentially an upgraded G400, meaning that the general feel and shape of Logitech’s G400 is carried over. One of the distinguishing characteristics of this mouse is its  non ambidextrous design: a thumb slot on […]

JellyLock An iOS JailBreak Tweak

  This is an overview of Jelly Lock which adds an Android lockscreen-esque slide to unlock to your iphone. Sorry about the weird quality, something happened when the video rendered out. Cydia Repo: Links: Twitter: Website: Second channel:

Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Review

The Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard, intended for gaming, features membrane keys. While this means that it will not perform quite as well as a mechanical keyboard, it certainly will surpass most, if not all, other membrane keyboards in terms of comfort and performance. The surface of the keys is glossy and black, with transparent slots for the […]

Apple’s New iMac’s iDentity Crisis

The new iMac from Apple is slim, sleek, and futuristic. What’s not to like about it? Everything. Hence the title, its identity crisis. While the iMac strives to be a desktop computer ranging from a 21″ for casual users to a 27″ for professional users, it doesn’t fit the bill. Inside of its slim new […]

Kindle Fire HD vs Nexus 7

                                                                                                          At the […]

Introduction To New Series and Best Graphics Card Under $100

First off, I have decided to conduct a new series of articles dedicated to helping consumers choose both PC components and PCs. Additionally, we may expand to PC accessories. This new series will list the best component or PC within a certain price range (all items listed use the price of the item in new condition). […]

Bluestacks Beta (Android on Windows or Mac) Review

The best free Android app emulator up to date, Bluestacks, allows for the usage of the large majority of android applications on a Windows or Macintosh PC. From the download and installation to the menu and controls, Bluestacks is very intuitive. Additionally, Bluestacks comes preloaded with various useful apps and games including  two app stores, Twitter, Facebook, and Angry […]