Galaxy S4 Zoom: “Phone, meet Camera”

Recently, Samsung released an interesting twist to their widely used Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Which, basically, is a point and shoot camera attached to the back of a Samsung GS4. This, however, isn’t brand new for Samsung. Samsung has their line of Galaxy Cameras ranging from point-and-shoots to mirror-less DSLRs.   Why is […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Announced

Today Samsung released their new Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 sports much of the same design as the outgoing Galaxy S4, with some minor changes. The only physical change is the dimpled back of the S5 made out of a different material than plastic. Some internal changes to the Galaxy S5 include, a fingerprint sensor […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: A Noteworthy Mammoth of a Phone

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a phone that has a screen even larger than that of the Note 2; it is, however, smaller than the Galaxy S4 Mega. The Note 3 has a 5.7″ screen; the Note 2 had a 5.5″ screen with the same bezel size. The S4 Mega (aptly called ‘Mega’) […]

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Is Samsung pulling ahead of Apple in the mobile device market?

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is a really neat product that allows users to interact with their phone. It is a smartwatch with a 1.63-inch watch face and runs on Google’s Android OS. Samsung wanted to give users a way to leave their phones in their pockets. Users can use the Gear to make hands-free calls, […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Confirmed

Samsung has just confirmed that it will be hosting a press conference on March 14 at which it will unveil its newest phone, Galaxy S4. Rumors suggest an eight core Exynos processor, 2GB of RAM, a 5 inch screen, as well as a 13 MP camera. With the soon to come Nexus 5, along with […]

Google Unveils New Mobile Devices

                                 Recently, in late October, Google unveiled its new lineup of mobile devices which features the Nexus 10 (tablet), Nexus 4 (phone), and Nexus 7 (tablet). While Google’s Nexus 7 tablet was available for months, Google has now changed their $200 […]

Galaxy Note 2 Release Date and Details

Samsung has announced their successor to the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Note 2. Their is not solid release date, however there should be specific details by October 24th. It will be available on all major carriers: At&t, Verison, Tmobile, etc. It will be $299.99 with a two year contract. There are pre-orders available on certain […]